Best Chardham Yatra travel tips

Best Chardham Yatra travel tips

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Best Chardham Yatra travel tips for Uttarakhand All International Tourists Should Know

Are you an international tourist planning to visit the peaceful and religious Chardham Yatra? Plan it with the experts of Chardham Tourism and enjoy comfort and luxury throughout the trip. Here, we bring the best Chardham Yatra travel tips for Uttarakhand for all our international clients. Read it and learn the details before you plan to visit here.

When you are planning your trip to the beautiful region of Uttarakhand for your Chardham Yatra, you must keep in mind the following tips to make the most of your trip.

Visit when it’s the best time

Many people make the mistake of planning their Char Dham Tour according to their holiday. The approach here is wrong, especially for international tourists. Book your flights and make your tickets in the season and months when it is ideal for the region. Or else, you lose the pleasure of enjoying the environment.

The best time to plan your tour is between April and October. You might also consider avoiding the rainy season, as the region is known for its notorious rainfall that leads to havoc situations and landslides.

chardham yatra by helicoptorTravel By Road or Helicopter

You can travel both ways. The best Chardham Yatra travel tips for Uttarakhand suggest that you take experience both ways. Travelling by road will introduce you to the amazing beauty of the region and you might also stop at various places and enjoy spending time with the locals.

While travelling by helicopter has its fun and pleasure. If you need a more exotic and beautiful experience on your tour, go by helicopter. Enjoy the drone and panoramic view of the region in this way.

Plan your trip with an expert consultancy

When you are coming from an international location, you need someone expert to guide you through the various locations and the entire plan of your tour. An experienced agency like Chardham Tourism helps you to get savvy with the formalities involved and will also make your travel a lot easier than you expect.

With their best Chardham Yatra travel tips for Uttarakhand, they guide you beforehand about what and what you cannot expect through this tour.

Carry Dry and Packaged food

This is probably something that nobody will tell you. But it is imperative for every tourist. Since the Char Dham Tour involves a lot of trekking and is a 12-day long journey, you might find yourself in moments where you would like to munch. The best partner in such times is your dry and packaged foods.

It keeps you fit and energized and also fulfils your desire for some snacks. Since you are an international tourist, Indian spices and meals might not be something that you desire, so don’t forget to take some organic snacks packed in an environment-friendly packet.

Keep a local phone to make the trip easy

You cannot expect to use your smartphones or the latest technologies here, so it’s better to have a local phone with a local number on it. In case of emergencies, you might need to connect with your travel agents or other people, a local number is always helpful, even in terms of getting networked and reaching everyone.

Carry Indian cash along with your card

The destinations that you are about to visit needs might need you to pay Indian cash. Digital transactions might not be easily available. To avoid problems regarding payments, you must carry enough cash or Indian currency. It is one of the best Chardham Yatra travel tips for Uttarakhand that you will ever receive from anyone.

If you need any other assistance, you might want to connect with us and we promise to resolve your issues instantly.

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