Trip to Uttarakhand for Chardham Yatra

Trip to Uttarakhand for Chardham Yatra

Icon May 10, 2019
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Why you must take a Trip to Uttarakhand for Chardham Yatra?

People want to know with extreme curiosity, what is in Uttarakhand, it’s a place, where disaster loves to visit, how people get peace there. Do you have any answer for this? Most people will be scared to listen that, the place they want to visit is a disaster-prone state. The question is, why thousands and thousands of people are going each an every year to visit Char Dham in Uttarakhand. Don’t you feel strange about that?

Another reason to think is that we are one of the elephants in this business, especially in Uttarakhand. We are writing this post to acknowledge you about Char Dham Yatra. Why we put our reputation and our men’s life on the line? Is there any magic in there? Well if it is there, then you must read the rest of the post because, things humans don’t know about; fear, anger and most importantly interest come to play.

Speaking about Chardham Uttarakhand, writing about its beauty thousand times in our post is itself an insult to the heavenly place. So today we are not going to write about Uttarakhand and Chardham. Today our post will speak about, Why you must take a Trip To Uttarakhand for Chardham Yatra

The Answer

The answer is not only the beauty, not only the mesmerizing environment of Char Dham Uttarakhand but, the people of the land Uttarakhand, who don’t give up in a fight with the Unknown.

What is Unknown?

In 2013 and 2018 the unknown (Dark side of nature), came in the form of heavy rain and flooded most of the part of Uttarakhand trapping 300000 pilgrims, came to visit Char Dham. After a heavy beating from nature, most of the people lost everything.

The most important thing is that they didn’t give up. They started again from nothing, worked day and night and ended up with something, that we can call Heaven again.

Finishing up with one thing we have in our mind, and that is thinking about visiting Heaven’s afterlife feels good, but getting a chance to get in touch with people who can rebuild Heaven is PHENOMENAL.


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